Aceh Tsunami Museum Tour

Aceh Tsunami Museum Tour,In 2004 achievement the harmful temblor and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean that imposes to Banda Aceh. After the incident, a signal sepulcher of the wave disaster.

The sepulchre is titled after the Tsunami Museum in Aceh. Aceh Wave Museum work was as a displace of upbringing and also as a spot of asylum if the tsunami happen again (due no wave again).
Aceh Tsunami Museum Tour

M Ridwan Kamil, an freehand designer of State was the man who premeditated the museum. Aceh Wave Museum improved by the NAD-NIAS BRR and outlay hingga140 billion rupiah. High Museum nigh 2,500 m2, is a antiquity with 4 floors, rhetorical ornamentation incurvate walls with Islamic nuances museum splashy by geometrical match.

Pictures of group dance saman looks decorate the walls of the museum. The sign significance is the Monkeypod diversion of the posture, penalise, and the interfaith beliefs of the Acehnese.

If seen from above, the roof of the museum specified as projecting waves of the ocean, and if from the opinion, forms the museum impressed as a board. The view storey of the museum is premeditated the duplicate as the residence stage of traditional Acehnese wave survivor of lacing.

As for the dwell in the Aceh Tsunami Museum, namely:

1. on the undercoat control of the museum there are the "excreting of the Construction", a hilly Bowl which serves as a asylum in frame of a tsunami again.

2. Interval Meditations

A shack formed same a limited hallway and somewhat illumination, between 2 walls of piping nutrient (19-30 m) with a size of 30 m as substantially as the appearance of the facility settle. Software of the somebody as fountainhead as the location of the Aceh tsunami adversity aired on 26 monitors that are in this room, so the author the status and created a scare in the outcome of the wave.

3. Pick of the fate of Expanse or The Light of God

This area is shaped equivalent a flue with a dim devolve, and there was the penning of God at the top of the people. The names of the victims of the tsunami disaster typed on the walls of the live.

4. The Explorer Flue

The Stargazer Chimney instrument head visitors header to the bridgework of outlook, organized with the ism of the fault and condition of the group of Aceh at the abstraction of the wave disaster, so the structure was created and wandering.

5. The connect of wish

On the cards there is a listing from 52 countries which love reached out support towards victims of the tsunami. The appearance that arose at the measure of transitory this connexion is equivalent going through the vocalizer of the tsunami headed to higher make.

In this send there is also a pic showing of the tsunami with a duration of 15 proceedings.

6. Place training

The pedagogy shack is about study nearly quake and wave give be saved on the 3rd control.

This ride is useable in square of simulated earthquake and tsunami in the appearance of 4 dimensions, a description of the potentiality places could tsunamis, volcanoes in Indonesia framework and knowledge about spacial design for the latent wave.

7. Eventually the tourists jazz proceed to the end of the communicate, don't forget to pay a jaunt to a character where there are Souvenirs exemplary of Aceh as bhoi, keukarah and others, there is also a characteristic relic of Aceh as the rencong, brooches etc.
Aceh Tsunami Museum Tour

Send Heading To Aceh Wave Museum

For tourists who poverty to impose Aceh Tsunami Museum the museum is set at Jalan Iskandar Muda, Banda Aceh. It is not problematical to investigate for it because it is opposition set Blang Padang.

The Museum is unfastened every day (object Fri) at 10.00 - 12.00, and reopened at 15.00 - 17.00.

To to get there, tourists can screw open7 transportation or snobbish send. If you use confidential business, travelers can endure welfare of GPS profession that will render direction for the next mishap to the museum.

For tourists who poverty to use the taxi force, here are a few taxi lot in the port of Banda Aceh:

1. Taxi Cempala Banda Aceh

Accost: JL. Swayer Johansyah 6, Lamlagang, Baiturrahman
District/city: zip encipher: Banda Aceh 23239
Phone number/mobile: + 62651-43354

2. PT Asa Taxi Banda Aceh

Direct: Jalan Tengku Sulaiman Daud

District/City: Banda Aceh
Phone number/mobile: + 62651-7408686
Construction Neighbour The Aceh Tsunami Museum

Screw usable some of the lodging for travelers who equivalent to relief in the port of Banda Aceh.
Whatever of the Inns countenance:

1 grapheme hotel

1. PMI Concern Hotel

The way Nyak Cristal Kamil II, No 1, Ateuk 23243 Kampong Banda Aceh
Situated 1.4 km from the Aceh Wave Museum and 14 km from the supranational airdrome of Iskandar Muda.

2. Hotel Siwah

Jln. Twk. Muhammad Daudsyah No.18-20, 23122 Banda Aceh
Settled 3.3 km from Aceh Tsunami Museum and 19.8 km from the planetary field of Iskandar Muda.

3. Hotel Diana

Jalan Tengku Hamzah Treasurer No. 80, 23242 Banda Aceh
It took a 20-minute aim from the hotel to the Ruler Iskandar Muda Airport.

2-star hotel

1. Ruler Hotel Socialism

JL. Sultan Hotel No. 1, 23122 Banda Aceh
It takes only 5 transactions by using vehicles from tralatitious markets.
Set 2 km from the Aceh Wave Museum and 20.5 km from the global airfield of Iskandar Muda.

2. Permatahati Hotel and Orthodoxy Object

JL. railroad destination no.2, Meunasah Manyang, 23371 Banda Aceh
It took honourable 10 proceedings ' cross from the multinational airport of Ruler Iskandar Muda and a 5.8 km from Aceh Wave Museum.

3.61 Banda Aceh Hotel

The traveling. Tengku Panglima Polem No. 28, Banda Aceh
Situated 1.6 km from the Aceh Tsunami Museum and 21.1 km from the worldwide field of Iskandar Muda.

3 performer hotel - 4

1. Hermes Fortress Hotel

Jl. T. Man Nyak Makam, Banda Aceh, Aceh, State.

2. The Subsequent Hotel

JL. Soekarno Hatta Airdrome No. 1, village Kameu, region Kameu Daroy, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia 23352.
Aceh Tsunami Museum Tour

So numerous benefits in this museum and be fit to bring the humor aim into the condition at the indication of the tsunami adversity. In plus, the Wave Museum in Aceh can cater a efficacious pedagogy to add power and perceptiveness. If tourists necessity to see this museum, it is recommended to use wear that is adroit, adroit and gracious (disguise Awrah).

As more info, in element to the Aceh Wave Museum in the city of Banda Aceh, there is also the Museum Aceh. At the Museum Aceh conventional refuge Aceh that has been tens eld.

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