Blang Waterfall Pond – Freshness In North Aceh

 Once satisfied go around Banda Aceh, tourists can visit the town of Lhokseumawe. Lhokseumawe is a city in Aceh province which is located in the middle of the line east of Sumatra. Its position is strategic because it's situated between Medan and Banda Aceh, making the city became a trade distribution lines.

Lhokseumawe is derived from the word Lhok Seumawe and Acehnese, who in Lhok means deep, trough the sea, bays and Lhokseumawe means the water is swirling. In this city there is a large industry such as: PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda, Aceh Kraft paper PT (PT KKA), PT Asean Aceh Fertilizers and EXXON Mobil – Arun.
Blang Waterfall Pond – Freshness In North Aceh

One of the interesting sights in Lhokseumawe is Blang Waterfall pond, also known by the name of Blang Kulam. A waterfall that is located in this natural forest, capable to provide a beautiful natural shades, the air is cool and crisp, and a charm of the water that falls from an altitude of about 75 metres thereby creating a rare water rumbling sound. It certainly can be an attraction for tourists to vacation to these sights.

In this place tourists can swim or play water, and relax while enjoying the panoramic view of natural Waterfalls of charming Pond Blang. However, it takes a little bit of a struggle to reach the edge of the waterfall.
Blang Waterfall Pond – Freshness In North Aceh

After going through the gates Waterfall Blang pond, tourists will be down approximately 660 fruit stairs to get to the waterfall. This trip quite tiring but so much fun. During the trip the tourist can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape that is green, while the breath of fresh air that is free from pollution.

At the time the home will apply the reverse isn't? Tourists have to climb stairs to a number of 660. Tourists don't have to hurry if it feels tired travelers should rest first.

Though the waterfall is surrounded with forest Pond Blang lush and pristine, but the facilities at these sights quite complete. In Blang waterfall Ponds available toilet and a small mosque. Even for travelers who forgot to bring powerbank, in these sights there are places that offer services to charge the battery of the camera or mobile phone.

What about security in Blang waterfall Pond? Officials of the attractions will guarantee the safety of tourists. There are officers who will help tourists with alacrity if an adverse action.

Ample on-site parking area. However, tourists will be charged parking fees are quite expensive. For tourists who drove a motorcycle, motorcycle parking fees in these sights by 5 thousand Rupiah, while the cost for car parkir 10 thousand Rupiah.

However, with the cost of the security of the vehicle completely awake. This is certainly very favourable for tourists, because tourists can with quiet and comfortable vacation in Blang Falls attractions.
Transportation To Get To The Waterfall Pond Blang

Tourists can use the motor or a car to get to the location of the Blang Waterfall pond. For travelers who rent a car, car rental rates in order to get cheaper, tourists could rent the car along with other travelers.
Blang Waterfall Pond – Freshness In North Aceh

Position the waterfall Pond in the village of Blang Sido Mulyo, Kuta Makmur Subdistrict. This tourist spot is about 21 km from the city of Lhokseumawe. During the trip, travelers will be accompanied with views and a cozy rural atmosphere and cool in my eyes.

When travelers departing from the city of Banda Aceh, the distance must be traveled from the city of Banda Aceh headed to Lhokseumawe, about 275 km, in less than 5 hours.

The price of admission at these sights is amounting to Rp 2500.

In the town of Lhokseumawe was available a few decent lodgings for tourists with standard prices and classes vary.
Some lodgings include:

1. Lido Graha Hotel (3 star)

Jln. Merdeka Timur No. 42 Lhokseumawe.

2. Ocean Plaza International Hotel (3 star)

Jln. Independent East – Cunda, Lhokseumawe.

3. The Goddess Plaza Hotel (1 Star)

Jln. Pase No. 27.

4. Solar Aceh Cottage (1-star)

Jln. North-west Hagu.

In addition, around Lhokseumawe there are also Motels and pensions.

Tourists don't worry felt hunger while in there. In Blang waterfall ponds, some sellers have available food and drinks.

For tourists is the city of Lhokseumawe, don't forget to try the city's specialties, such as boh rom-rom, satay, Curry goat and grilled fish cane, bread, noodles, pineapple sambal mussels in aceh and an angular coffee. It is called an angular coffee because coffee is not content to 1 cups, but only half a glass.


1-For tourists who want to play water or swim in the outdoor Waterfall Blang pond, do not forget to bring a change of clothes.
2-Don't forget to bring a camera.
3-Travelers are allowed to bring food and drinks from the outside, but don't overdo it because it can be a burden for tourists.
4-660 stairs that exists at this location was created in the 70 's. Nowadays, the stairs there is a condition which is covered by MOSS. Therefore, travelers should be careful when passing through it.

Blang waterfall Pond has an altitude of up to 75 meters. If travelers feel the sound of the water falling from the height of those, surely will make you like a diterapi by nature.

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