History Museum of Aceh

History Museum of Aceh,On July 31, 1915, amid the rule of the Netherlands East Indies, common and military Governor of Aceh who named General H.N.A. Swart initiated the foundation of the Museum Aceh. The Museum around then was a Rumoh (Aceh conventional house). 

Rumoh Aceh Pavilliun is gotten from the who were in the field De Koloniale Tentoonsteling (provincial show). Pilgrim presentation was held in Semarang, i.e. on 13 August to 15 November 1914. 
History Museum of Aceh

Amid the execution of the provincial show, the accumulations were shown at pavilliun in Aceh every one of them are claimed by F.W. Stammeshaus. However, not just that, in pavilliun Aceh additionally displayed an assortment of treasures that are the accumulations of the Princes of Aceh. It's what makes pavilliun Aceh set as pavilliun with the most total gathering. 

With each one of those points of interest, pavilliun Aceh figured out how to get 4 bits of gold decorations, 11 silver organic product, 3 bits of bronze and a Charter Award on the grounds that pavilliun Aceh is the best contrasted with others. 

From the exhibitions of a few dolls, cash, and etnografika figured out how to give 4 gold decorations. Silver award execution of family unit apparatuses and photographs. 

With such achievement, once finished the Organization of the Colonial display of F.W. Stammeshaus recommended to the Governor of Aceh, to pavilliun Aceh came back to Aceh to be incorporated with a gallery. 

Aceh Governor H.N.A. Swart accepting those thoughts and precisely on July 31, 1915, the pavilliun was initiated as the Museum Aceh. The Museum is situated in the eastern piece of the Blang Padang, Kutaraja/Banda Aceh right now. 

Around then, the obligation of the Aceh Museum is under the common and military leader of Aceh. Afterward, F.W. Stammeshaus set as guardian (managers or trustees of the gallery). 

After Indonesia ended up noticeably autonomous, the Government of the Netherlands East Indies surrendered the Museum Aceh to nearby government in Aceh. Moreover the Government of Aceh neighborhood government delegates TK. II Banda Aceh to assume responsibility of the administration of the Museum Aceh. 

The Aceh Museum is at present situated at Jln. Sultan Alaidin Mahmudsyah exhibition hall with a zone of roughly 10,800 m2. Moving the area of the exhibition hall of the Blang Padang was done in 1969 started by Teuku Hamzah Treasurer. After the move, the Aceh Museum administration is under the duty of the Body manufacturers of the clusters of Iskandar Muda (BAPERIS). 
History Museum of Aceh

In 1974 the Museum Aceh getting the cost of the light through the venture of recovery and extension of the Museum Aceh. Since around then there was an administration program on social improvement is predominantly the advancement of museum. 

The cost of the light is extremely beneficial on the grounds that the cost of restoration of old structures and the acquirement of new structures at the Museum Aceh be executed. 

With respect to the new building include: 

1. The lasting show Building 

2. Gathering Hall 

3. Brief Exhibitions and Library Building 

4. Lab 

5. The Home Office 

The cost of the light are likewise valuable to add to the historical center's accumulations. At that point bit by bit every one of the accumulations that have been gathered will be effectively done the examination. The consequences of the review will be distributed and advertised generally. 

On september 2, 1975 the Governor of Aceh and the weight lifters of the bunches of Iskandar Muda Center issued a joint Decree number 538/1976 and SKEP/IX/1976 contains about endorsement of the surrender gallery to Ministry of training and Culture to fill in as the State Museum of the territory. 

The territorial government's desires can be acknowledged following a long time since the distribution of the Joint Decree number 538/1976 and SKEP/IX/1976. In view of the choice letter of the Minister of instruction and culture of the Republic of Indonesia, number 093/0/1979 on May 28, 1979, ascertained from the date of May 28, 1979, the status of the Aceh Museum has been transformed into a State Museum. 

State Museum of Aceh was formally initiated by Dr. Daoed Yoesoef on September 1, 1980. He was Minister of training and culture. 

As per the Government Regulation number 25 in 2000, concerning the expert of the Government and specialists of the territories as independent districts, on article 3 passage 5 f 10 grains, then the specialist leading State Museum Aceh Province turned into the obligation of nearby government in Aceh Province level I. 
History Museum of Aceh

A portion Of The Collections At The Museum Aceh: 

1. Arkeologika 

Relics of verifiable things from the seasons of the Kingdom of Aceh previously, for example, 

• Pickaxe Square stone obsidien (the instrument used to rub/menyerut wood) 

• Pick a square made of sedimentary rocks (the apparatus used to rub wood) 

• Rectangular Axes made of rocks lampung (Tuff) (square of the hatchet are apparatuses of the stone amid the late Neolithic time frame or perundagian) 

• Pickaxe Square produced using fossil wood (the device used to rub wood) 

• Photos of the mosque, Beuracan mosque of Baiturrahman photographs, and considerably more. 

2. Biologika 

A wide gathering of vegetation that already have been protected (ofset, for example, a two-headed calf (opset), nectar bear (cagee), screen reptiles, crocodiles, and others. 

3. Etnografika 

Some acquired the past, mirroring the aftereffects of the way of life of the general population of Aceh. Among such questions exist which are still being used today. A range question that pandanus instruments among others joiner/"peraut" yarn spinners, apparatus (smaller than usual), penyukat, linger, a gadget for transporting rice (padee bleued), child of shots, baidillah keureusang, et cetera. 

4. Filologika 

There are a few original copies in the historical center. These original copies is a relic of the kingdoms of Aceh previously. 

5. Ancient pieces 

Different items identified with geology. These items can be either common minerals and rocks. The Antiquities in the exhibition hall are, among others, stone dirt, stones, limestone, Slate, valuable stones (Chalcedon), kornelia diamonds, lead metal et cetera. 

6. Historika 

A wide assortment of articles dating from the season of history and ancient times, for example, the banner of the (regular), Royal shirt (bajee King), and photo – the photo. 

7. Keramonologika 

Grouped clay accumulation once possessed by the kingdoms of Aceh. 

8. Numismatika 

Devices of the exchange the past, for example, the old money. The cash (dirham) once utilized by the Kingdom of Aceh. What's more, there is additionally the Royal stamp (heraldika). 

9. Expressive arts 

The Museum likewise has a wide accumulation of canvases. 

10. Teknologika 

A portion of the articles that are the consequence of the utilization of innovation. 

Transport Heading To The Aceh Museum 

For voyagers who need to visit the Museum of (Aceh State Museum), the exhibition hall is situated at Jln. Sultan Alaidin Mahmudsyah No. 12 Banda Aceh 23241, Tel. 0651-23144. 

Plans opening Museum: 

• Tuesday-Thursday at 08.30-12.30, and revived at 13.30-17.30 

• Friday at 08.30-11.30, and revived at 14.00-17.30 

• Saturday Sunday at 08.30 and 12.30, and revived at 14.00-17.30. 

Travelers can utilize the general population or private transportation to get to the historical center. On the off chance that voyagers utilizing private transport, so as not to inconvenience amid the excursion, explorers can utilize GPS or ask local people. 

Here are a couple taxi organization in the city of Banda Aceh, for voyagers who need to utilize the taxi benefit: 

1. Taxi Cempala Banda Aceh 

Address: JL. Sultan Johansyah 6, Lamlagang, Baiturrahman 

Region/city: postal division: Banda Aceh 23239 

Phone number/portable: + 62651-43354 

2. PT Asa Taxi Banda Aceh 

Address: Jalan Tengku Sulaiman Daud 

Region/City: Banda Aceh 

Phone number/portable: + 62651-7408686 

Holding up Near The Aceh Museum 

In the city of Banda Aceh have accessible a portion of the Inn with a variety of the standard class. 

A few lodgings include: 

1 star lodging 

1. PMI House Hotel 

The way Nyak Adam Kamil II, No 1, Ateuk 23243 Kampong Banda Aceh 

It is found 14 km from the worldwide airplane terminal of Iskandar Muda. 

2. Lodging Siwah 

Jln. Twk. Muhammad Daudsyah No.18-20, 23122 Banda Aceh 

Found 19.8 km from the universal air terminal of Iskandar Muda. 

3. Lodging Diana 

Jalan Tengku Hamzah Treasurer No. 80, 23242 Banda Aceh 

It took a 20-minute drive from the lodging to the Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport. 

2-star lodging 

1. Sultan Hotel International 

JL. Sultan Hotel No. 1, 23122 Banda Aceh 

It takes just 5 minutes by utilizing vehicles from conventional markets. 

Found 20.5 km from the global air terminal of Iskandar Muda. 

2. Permatahati Hotel and Convention Center 

JL. railroad line no.2, Meunasah Manyang, 23371 Banda Aceh 

It took only 10 minutes drive from the global air terminal of Iskandar Muda. 

3.61 Banda Aceh Hotel 

The street. Tengku Panglima Polem No. 28, Banda Aceh 

Found 21.1 km from the global air terminal of Iskandar Muda. 

3 star inn – 4 

1. Hermes Palace Hotel 

Jl. T. Administrator Nyak Makam, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia. 

2. The Later Hotel 

JL. Soekarno Hatta Airport No. 1, town Kameu, locale Kameu Daroy, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia 23352. 

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