Nautical Tourism In The Island Of Bali-Enjoy The Beauty Of The Kingdom Of The Sea

Nautical Tourism In The Island Of Bali-Enjoy The Beauty Of The Kingdom Of The Sea,Nautical excursions such as snorkeling and diving is an activity that many favored by tourists. This activity is capable of giving a joyous entertainment. Therefore, one of the reasons tourists visits an area is to enjoy the attractions of nautical.

Nautical Tourism In The Island Of Bali-Enjoy The Beauty Of The Kingdom Of The Sea

In Bali it is not difficult to find a place that serves the beauty underwater panorama. Have available several beaches that offer nautical tourism with characteristics all its own.

In addition to saving the charm of its empire, nautical tourism in Bali also offers the natural beauty of its beaches.
Here is a few Nautical Tourism in Bali:
1.the beach of tugel1 bias. The Coast Bias Tugel
the beach of tugel1 bias. The Coast Bias Tugel

One of the beautiful beach in Bali with white sand. Its clear water so that sunlight can penetrate to the bottom of the sea.

The natural condition of the beach between 2 pieces of coral have a panoramic view of the beautiful underwater nature. Therefore, it is very fun to perform diving and snorkeling at this beach.

The beach is located in the village of Tugel Bias Padang Bai, Kec. Mangosteen, Kab. Karangasem, Bali. The distance between the beach and the city of Denpasar Tugel Bias is about 50 km. at the time traveler's to meet the crossroad before getting into the port of Padang Bai, tourists have to turn toward the right.

2. Beach the Paddock (Blue Lagoon)
Beach the Paddock (Blue Lagoon)

The beach of the Paddock next to the coast Bias Tugel. In General natural view, both of these beaches is not much different.

White sand and crystal clear water beach make every tourist often visit these sights. They are very fond of diving and snorkeling activities in coastal waters Tugel Bias.

For tourists who want to visit the Beach the paddock, at the time the tourists met with intersection before entering the port of Padang Bai, vehicles must turn towards the left.

3. Candidasa

Tourism object Candidasa has a greyish-white sand and decorated with coral stone expanse.

In this place, tourists can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Candidasa has 3 pieces of land is small and often serve as a pleasant place for diving and snorkeling.

Candidasa is located in the tourist village of Candi Dasa, Kec. Mangosteen, Kab. Karangasem. The distance between these sights and Denpasar is around 64 km.

4. Tulamben

Unlike other beaches, the atmosphere on the edge of Tulamben Beach dotted with coral stones.

However, Tulamben has panoramic underwater views. The current calm and clear waters make diving activities in these places impressed relaxing and fun.

Approximately 25 metres from the beachfront there are wrecks United USAT Liberty Glo. Currently, the ship has been fused with the marine life Tulamben beach.

Tulamben is located in the tourist District. Kubu, Kab. Karangasem, Bali. The distance that must be taken if the tourists set off from Ngurah Rai airport is around 106 km.

5. The coast of Amed
The coast of Amed

The beach is located in the village of Amed Amed, Kec. Brother, Kab. Karangasem, Bali.

With travel for approximately 2 hours from Ngurah Rai airport with a distance of approximately 102 km, tourists come to the beaches tourism which has the charm of nature under the sea.

Amed Beach has black sand. However, the sea water at the beach is so clear. The activity of snorkeling and diving in the waters of the coast of Amed will give a pleasant entertainment for tourists. About 10 metres from the beachfront there are wrecks patrol Japan. The ships have become living quarters for a variety of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs.

6. Coast of Labuhan Amuck
Coast of Labuhan Amuck

For travelers who haven't mastered water sports such as snorkeling and diving, on the beach of Labuhan Amuck tourists could see the beauty of coral reefs and tropical fish by using a submarine.

The submarine is named the Odyssey Submarine. Not only adults, children and toddlers can also enjoy the atmosphere inside the submarine.

Beach running amok in the village of Labuhan Antiga, Kec. Mangosteen, Kab. Karangasem, Bali.

7. the Sanur Beach
the Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach has been acclaimed to foreign countries as a tourist.

It turns out that the beauty of Sanur Beach not only can be enjoyed from the seaside. In these sights tourists can do activities seawalker.

By using a special helmet, tourists can walk on the ocean floor in order to see the beauty of marine life located in the waters of Sanur Beach. This activity lasted about 45 minutes, and during your stay in the water a guide or instructor will be near the tourists.

Sanur Beach hotel is conveniently located in the village of Sanur, Kec. South Of Denpasar. The distance between the Beach of Sanur and the Ngurah Rai airport is approximately 17 km away.

8. Tanjung Benoa
Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa is a nautical tourism centre on the island of Bali. A variety of water sports activities are fun can tourists do at these sights.

Water sports include: seawalker, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, waterski, jetski, wakerboard, rolling donut, flying fish, glassbottom boat, and others.

Tanjung Benoa is located at kel. Tanjung Benoa, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. If the tourists set off from Ngurah Rai airport, to go to these sights takes about 30 minutes with a range of approximately 13 km. Travelers can take a taxi, rent a car or motorcycle.

9. the Menjangan island
the Menjangan island

Menjangan island is West Bali National Park. The name of the island comes from the Javanese deer.

This is due on the island there is a population of deer. The activity of diving in this place so fun because it is rich in sea life. Wall diving in the island is the best in Bali.

To go to Menjangan Island, tourists can use the boat from the harbour of Labuhan passing by. The journey takes about 40 minutes. If tourists were holidaying in Kuta Beach, takes approximately 3 hours to go to the port with traverse a distance of approximately 130 km.

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