Watu Karung Pacitan Beach Suitable for surfers

Watu Sack of Pacitan, Pacitan nature tourism – is indeed very charming, we cannot deny that the richness of nature that there could be an investment for the future. Not just from an artificial, but the tourism sector tourism nature is now starting to become an Idol for lovers of the world. For those of you who are domiciled in East Java would have been familiar with the Pacitan Regency. Absolutely right, Pacitan is a town of a thousand caves, because here there are many caves, one of which being the most beautiful of  Asia. It's not impossible, because Indonesia indeed renowned for its diversity of race and culture, as well as its natural wealth.

Routes to tourist sites and lodging Watu Sack of Pacitan, East Java

In addition to the beauty of the caves became Idol, Pacitan also has Beach tourism should be for you visit, namely Watu Sack. Watu Sack in Pacitan is famous as the beach of Nirvana, the extraordinary beauty can be conjured up as though You're in Nirvana. Its turquoise water with soft white sand and the decoration of its islands will dazzle you. The towering waves with a gentle touch when the socks on the beach you will enjoy.

Many say that the waves of the beach is very fierce and high, as high waves there can reach 4 m with beautiful straings, because it is then that the waves in Watu Sack known as the waves. Not just surfers Indonesia that says it, but surfers foreing agreed with it. Even the world's surfers, Bruce Iron ever tried surfing at the beach. And as a result, he was very satisfied with the waves. The very thing that boast could get praise from the world's surfers on this one. For the visitors that will come better surfing time of day because there are waves that are in conditions of high and no doubt will satisfy you.
Routes to tourist sites and lodging Watu Sack of Pacitan, East Java

In addition to surfing, Visitors can also enjoy the white sand from the beach walk, play with the waves, even surf fishing. Clean beaches with sufficient sunlight shining make Pacitan Watu Sack into a lounge a favorite for tourists. Bali is not only just but in Pacitan can we get these beauty of it.

The beauty that exists not only as it is, the bottom of the sea and reef break coral reef that is going to create a beautiful barrel at a certain time so that the beauty created would really like in heaven. Where instead of April to October is a good time to visit Watu Sack due to the wind when it's in a State of offshore so very friendly to you.

As time goes by, not only the domestic tourists who come here, but also foreign tourists. As already described above, had said that the beach is becoming a favorite spot for tourists for sunbathing. And usually the tourists wearing only a bikini while sunbathing, for the sake of the common good then a conscious Group tours (Pokdarwis), Watu Sack sets rules that for all tourists who want to sunbathe only allowed certain emphasis, such as the beach, a place covered with woods. This is for the sake of tackling a bad influence for the citizens around the beach, let alone children. Because of the cultural differences that exist not modified entry and we realize even imitate without filter it first. It becomes the background of the making of these rules.

The Location Of The Watu Sack
The Location Of The Watu Sack

The address of the Watu Sack in the village Pringkuku, district Sack Watu, Pacitan Regency. This location could be called remote due to his being a hard to reach by public transportation. In fact it could be said there is no public transportation that passes through it, so that it can be said the remote location.

In addition to its remote location, the road to also narrow and hollow, this is still a great PR for the Manager. From Pacitan itself more or less is 40 km with sharp turns and winding roads. There are 3 routes to Watu Sack Pacitan Regency East Java. The first of Pacitan can go straight to the Pringkuku sub through the path that meanders up and down didn't stop-stop. Do not be surprised because road conditions are like that, Enjoy it because when you pay will be to provide. Arriving at the village of Watu Sack, you will find fish auction Place (TPI) with dozens of boats ready to sail. Enter the ghetto residents, we recommend you ask around if citizens are afraid of getting lost, because the road to the beach is still no hint at him. You will be directed to walk past the houses of citizens along the left and right the way up to the ground will be replaced with white sand. That's the sign you have to provide.

The second, passing lanes Pacitan-Solo, you can directly place the direction of the then head of Pacitan Teleng Ria beach with views of the lush forest all the way to the District of Pringkuku, which then routes the same as above. The third pass through the shortcut from the village towards Sedeng Watu Sack. There will be some directions that will speed up what you got, but don't be surprised if you will pass a sharp incline and no-stop-stop.

Although the route that must be taken is very tiring, but will be replaced with the pleasures of nature that served over Watu Sack. Just for information, the visitors are expected to use personal vehicle wheel 2 wheel or 4. If you use the wheel 2 then you can go to beach, but if the wheels of 4 then there is parking around the court houses.

And to enter the Watu Sack, you are not charged an alias. With tourist facilities nautical course, food stalls, crafts stalls Pacitan and an Inn.

Lodging Watu Sack Of Pacitan, East Java
Lodging Watu Sack Of Pacitan, East Java

For you lovers of sunset, Watu Sacks can be an alternative to meet the desire of love for you. And you don't need to worry, there is a wide choice of locations near the lodging certainly comfortable and safe. Lodging Watu Sack offered are resorts and homestay.

One of the resort's famous Sack Watu is Omba Eco Resort located on JL. Grouper, Watu Sack with one night's fee ranging from Rp. 667,000 until Rp. 2,667,000.00. If these costs proved too expensive, you can change the selection by staying in homestay. The following is a homestay that exists around the Watu Sack, namely:

The white sands of Homestay, located in Watu Pringkuku sack, with a set fee for a single room 300,000.00 USD for one night and is located not far from the beach. Advanced Info 085281023187.
Edy s Homestay is located near the beach, more precisely in the Jalam Watu Sack Pacitan km. 2 offers a cheap room rates. For info on the No. 085234493576.
Sack Stone homestays located close enough to the beach because it is just 150 m from the beach, the place is clean with a spacious terrace, plus facilities 4 rooms with bathroom and TV. There are 2 packages offered, i.e. 1 large room for Rp. 250,000.00 and twin for Rp. 125,000.00. Info 082143144441.
Homestay Surfing Pacitan (Made s House) it is located quite close to the beach and its strategic location will make you more comfortable. It only takes 5 minutes to get to the beach. Price of one night only IDR 130,000.00, but if you stay for a week will get a discount. Info 085230508695.
Watu Sack Prapto Homestay, located near the beach with 4 rooms, fitted IDR 200,000.00. Info 085326757012.

Other Pacitan Nature Tourism
Other Pacitan Nature Tourism
In addition to Watu sack, See also still has the other beaches that are not less beautiful, anywhere? He is the Klayar, which is located in the village of Sendang Subdistrict, Donorojo, Pacitan Regency provide the beauty of white sand and rock cliffs that surround the along the beach. Srau Beach which is located in the hamlet of Srau, the village Temple, Pringkuku, Pacitan Regency. The beach is known as the Virgin of charming, because it is isolated and still haven't visited, as well as white sand that stretches in a clean sea with waves not too high add to the beauty of this beach.

The latter are the beaches of Banyu Tibo, named like that because there is a waterfall here that falls directly onto the beach. One thing that distinguishes from other beaches, and water that fell is the fresh water comes from underground water sources in the mountains of Kars. This beach is located in the village of Wisoro, district Donorejo, Pacitan Regency. So little information about the beach at Pacitan. May be useful.

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