Aceh – Delicious Cuisine Full Of Flavour

Aceh province has some very tasty cuisine and worth trying. In general the typical culinary of Aceh have flavors are tasty, spicy and savory.

Here we present some typical culinary Aceh:
The Food Is Typical Of Aceh
Aceh – Delicious Cuisine Full Of Flavour

  • 1. Chicken Catch

Chicken Catch
This dish is made using free-range chicken cut into small, have a taste of the delicious, spicy and savory. Aroma cuisine which is rich in spices certainly can excite the taste buds to enjoy soon.

The meaning of the word "catch" on the food because the chickens are free-range chicken, so if you want to enjoy it then have to "catch" the chicken first. This food is popular around new year's 6-8. Additional raw materials besides chicken is leaf spice, hot pepper, leaf teumuri, pandan leaves and a sprinkling of fried shallots.

  • 2. Rice Guri

Rice with savoury taste made from cooked rice with a mix of coconut milk and spices. Guri rice similar to nasi lemak or Hor. But, of course, has a slightly different flavor.

This rice will be more palatable to eaten along with side dishes such as fried egg, scrambled eggs, fried fish, fish jerky, lado, tripe, colon and other side dishes. Tourists are free to select courses:. In addition, over rice will be equipped with tempe, douchi, sambal anchovies and crackers.

  • 3. Noodles Aceh

Mie Mie Aceh has a size greater than the General. These foods have a taste that is spicy, savory and delicious, no doubt.

Reasonable just because this food delicious rich seasonings such as onion, garlic, red pepper, cayenne pepper, tomato, celery, leeks, cabbage, shrimp, beef, beef broth, cardamom, cumin and pepper. Mie Aceh could be made in the form of noodle soup or the fried noodles. Both are equally delicious taste.

  • 4. Cook Sie Puteh

These foods are white and have a taste of savory and delicious. Overview of the food is similar to curry sauce. However, it was certainly a little different. Sie cooked puteh is generally combined with chicken meat, duck meat, beef, and fish.

The scent was created on these foods is the aroma of oen temurui or Curry leaves/salam koja. In addition, Sie Cook puteh also use ground cumin 2 i.e. jira and jira maneh fish. JIRA fish is generally used to remove the fishy smell.

  • 5. Kuwah Pliek U

Kuwah Pliek U
Pliek Kuwah u or the Coconut Curry made from pliek u and mixed with vegetables, have a sense of the savory and delicious. Pliek u or patarana are the remains or by-product of copra (coconut) oil that has been squeezed.

  • 6. Kuwah Beulangong

Kuwah beulangong is the food cooked in a large pot or caldron. Have a taste of the fresh, spicy, savory and delicious. Its main ingredients are mutton or beef, young jackfruit or pisang kepok. Using a marinade consisting of minced beef, coconut gongseng coconut and a variety of spices.

  • 7. Bu Sie Itek

BU sie itek was Coconut Curry rice with duck gravy is thick. The taste of this food is spicy, savory and delicious. BU sie itek was from Bireuen they area.

  • 8. Eungkot Kayee

Eungkot kayee is a food that has a high protein content with the taste of spicy and savory. In the language of Indonesia eungkot kayee means wooden fish.

The wooden fish is Tuna fish are dried and then sliced into small and spices, coconut milk, green chilies and potatoes also spices so that food has a delicious scent.

  • 9. Sie Reubeouh Vinegar

Sie Reubeouh Vinegar
Food with raw meat mixed with boiled herbs finely and added the vinegar. The taste of this food acidic and fresh. The meat used is generally of beef and mutton. This food is delicious eaten while warm.

  • 10. Briani Bu

Complete rice made by way of a coexisting steamed with the meat and seasoning spice. At the time of presentation, briani Bu comes with pickles, dalcan, and crackers gnetum gnemon (meuling crackers).

  • 11. Starch Slurry Rumbi

Porridge made from coarse crushed rice, boiled then seasoned with onion, pepper, coriander, ginger, nutmeg and anise seeds.

The pulp is rich in spices has a fresh aroma. As a complement, this gruel will be served concurrently with the half-cooked egg, chicken, and shrimp sprinkled on it.

  • 12. Mature Satay

Similar to satay, sate is named Satay is cooked because the origin is derived from the town of Geuleumpang, the Two Cooked Bireuen they.

The meat is mutton. One thing that is unique from the culinary this is the Satay is served along with the soup broth goats which are rich in spices and there is a small piece of goat meat. In addition to the above, a flavoring sauce sprinkled with fried onion.

  • 13. Sambai Udeueng

Sambai Udeueng
Sambai udeueng is one type of chili sauce mixed with shrimp that have been mashed. Mix cayenne pepper, shrimp, onion and star fruit wuluh spicy and savory taste and very refreshing. Sambai udeueng very delicious if combined simultaneously with warm rice.

  • 14. Beulacan

A type of pepes made from grated coconut, spices, spices and then wrapped using banana leaves and burned until cooked. Once cooked, hearty aroma will soon arise when the banana leaf is opened.

  • 15. Tirom Tumeh

Not all Acehnese cuisine rich in spices. Tumeh Tirom or Sauteed Oysters is a cuisine that uses only the additional green chilies, potatoes and slightly acidic sunti. It is intended to let the sweetness of oysters stay awake.

  • 16. Egg Martabak

Made from wheat flour dough that is thin. Contains eggs and vegetables and then cooked in a frying pan.

  • 17. Boh Itek Masen

Boh itek masen same with duck egg that has been marinated. Very suitable as a complement in a main dish.

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