Beautiful Adventure to the Beach Bolu Bolu Malang East Java

On vacation by visiting the beach tourism is indeed a spot for you. Malang area now has many tourists who made the travelers to destinations. Not only are the famous Clung Beach in Malang, but if you're looking for a spot to snorkel with your friends, the recommendations are the beaches of Bolu-Bolu Malang East Java.

  • The location and the price of the entrance ticket to the beach Bolu Bolu Malang

The location  the beach Bolu Bolu Malang
Unfortunate indeed famous area with cool air could even rate winter, in addition to much natural tourism potentials, the visitors from different regions participated enthusiastically enjoy the panorama of the beauty in Malang. Especially the youth of the present moment is indeed very fond of visiting places the latest destination to simply fill the galleries their Instagram. On this occasion, will be reviewed on site Pantai Bolu-Bolu which place so exotic and interesting. If you're curious and what's the beauty of this beach one, let's check out the following reviews.

  • Site Pantai Malang East Java Sponge Sponge

Sponge is where the beach shore excursions that are interesting to you because it not only enjoys the coastline alone. Visitors can explore directly look at the panoramic beauty of the underwater natural resources in the form of coral reefs and various kinds of fish. Not only that, visitors can also enjoy the waterfalls of Dampit. Site Pantai Bolu-Bolu in Unfortunate indeed strategic, because to reach the beach one of these visitors have to climb the boat first. While enjoying the natural beauty of the sea on a boat, you can simply enjoy the panoramic view of swimming underwater. Very exciting isn't it?

The location of the beach itself is located in Bolu Bolu Village Lenggoksono, village, sub-district of Purwodadi Tirtoyudo Malang East Java. Generally it is indeed this one beach is located near the beach and beach Lenggoksono Banyu Dwindled. However, in both the beach was already too crowded visitors. So the alternative to enjoy a quiet beach and place are also still clean and natural Sponge Sponge, the beach is the solution to your holiday destination.

To go to the coastal route Bolu Hapless Dampit is also quite easy, if you want to visit this beach you can through a route from the town of Malang, Gadang, heading to the next you are heading in the direction of Bululawang, afterwards headed again to the Turen, once it gets in your new area of Turen, heading to the Dampit then to Sub Tirtoyudo. Here you will find the junction and take the direction to the right towards Lenggoksono Village or the Village of Purwodadi. Well, here you will be presented with sand beaches Lenggooksono Beaches.

But to get to the beach site Bolu Bolu is not just up to here, your next adventure is a boat that is provided from the coast to the beach Lenggoksono Bolu Bolu. With travel about 20 minutes using a boat, you can relax by the sea on top of RIAs while enjoying the beauty of the turquoise sea and the lush green trees are also typical of the ocean. Really travel spots for you aren't it? Much less adventurous invites your spouse or friends.
  • The Ticket Price Of The Boat Towards The Shore Bolu Bolu

The Ticket Price Of The Boat Towards The Shore Bolu Bolu
Once you reach the beach of Lenggoksono, that is the crossing to the island of Bolu-Bolu, local tour manager has prepared the boat for sailing. Actually to go to the beach of Bolu-Bolu visitors can simultaneously visit 3 places such as beaches, Bowl, Banyu Shrank and proceeded to the coast of Bolu-Bolu. Well of course to enjoy the charming beauty, and there is a price to be paid.

The price of the entrance ticket from the coast of Lenggoksono namely only Rp. 5,000 per course. At this beach, you can do activities like playing beach ball as any volley or a mini futsal. Because the sand is quite adequate for the visitor would do outbound activities as well. Located on the edge of the beach, there are fishing boats that used to go to the beach of Bolu-Bolu. The boat rental prices per person are only Rp 50,000 only. Thus there is an additional charge if you want to snorkel, i.e. it costs only Rp 25,000 per man for complete snorkeling equipment.

These boats will accommodate the number of people around 11 to 12 passengers. So don't worry about drowning, because from the beginning of the Chair, Nah Koda boat buoy already provides for you to wear and it's later used for your snorkeling. After the boat traveled from the coast of Lenggoksono, you will be offered the first Beach destination where you want to visit first. Typically, for his route i.e. to coast Banyu Plummeting first.

 The Boat Towards The Shore Bolu Bolu
Located on a great match you will be presented with a flowing waterfall height of 5-6 meters. The water is fresh water that does to the sea. Picturesque scenery tour will complement You no doubt. When you are here, do not miss to take a bath with washed down a waterfall which flows. The thrill of adventure you would here feels so exciting if together with your friends.

The next route, a boat will take you to the beaches of Bowl, located on the coast of this one, you will see the beauty of the coral reefs beneath the sea with the snorkel. The boat will wait patiently while you go snorkeling here. by watching the beauty of underwater so amazing, the atmosphere became the busted, there will be a sense of love for the kekayan nature of this beloved homeland for consumer demand. After you have finished searching this one on the coast, then headed to the beaches of Bolu-Bolu which is indeed made it the underwater beauty of the lovers.

  • Beach Beauty Bolu-Bolu Malang East Java

Beach Beauty Bolu-Bolu Malang East Java
Sponge Beach serves the beauty panorama very beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and lush green trees against its will add to the atmosphere of the more fun to enjoy it. The beauty of this beach is the one who makes the travelers arriving to try dive. Not only that, the sand beaches are enough to relax using layback can do when visitors are here. Well, because this is indeed a beach renowned for the beauty of its bottom, certainly it would be very unfortunate if came here snorkeling activity left.

At a bargain price, and also includes snorkeling equipment it's good You just immerse yourself in the beauty of its bottom. Coral reefs and various kinds of fish you will see down there. Well, of course a good idea when visiting here you bring Camping Cookware. After tired snorkel, cooking your own food on the waterfront will certainly make the experience difficult to forget. Exciting isn't it? So soon the agenda of your holiday schedule along with your friends to visit the beaches of Bolu this poor County of Bolu.
 panorama very beautiful beaches

In addition to the beaches of Bolu Bolu, still, there are many other attractions in Malang that deserves Your visit. The tour, titled the unfortunate beach at it's not inferior to Gunung Kidul area. While being destinations in the County, try visiting the beach 3 colors. From the name alone is not unique? Yes, this beach has its own uniqueness, if you are curious, just visit this beach is located. In addition, there are the beaches of Clung and the coast of the Sirah. Both of these beaches are very beautiful to behold.
So that can be reviewed on the location and layout of the shore excursions Bolu-Bolu, if you were in the Unfortunate would be very unfortunate if not visit the beach on this one. Thank you.

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