3 Typical Satay Lombok, culinary Taste a thousand Awesome!

3 Typical Satay Lombok, culinary Taste a thousand Awesome!Lombok is always offering stunning sights interesting to come again and again. If it feels incomplete and vacationing on the island of Lombok without enjoying the Cuisine of Lombok. There are 3 Typical Satay Lombok you should try. It feels like a thousand shared your tongue will be devastating.
3 Typical Satay Lombok, culinary Taste a thousand Awesome!

  • 1. Bulayak Thousand a dogged Delicious Satay

Eat Satay bulayak you will get an incredible sensation. Bulayak is a type of rice cake wrapped in palm leaves or leaves using tasty. A funny shape that is elongated like a spiral. To open it, you have to rotate, so that leaves wrapping rice cake will be disconnected. While the bulayak Satay is made from beef that is tender with a seasoning typical Sasak feel t perfect. To eat it, you have to bulayak to sate seasoning that already provided. The seller did not prepare a spoon or fork. You have to use your hands to eat Satay.

Been curious to try Satay bulayak? You can look it up in some of the sights such as on page Lingsar, Taman Narmada, and Suranadi Temple.

  • 2. Satay Rembiga a Thousand Pleasures

This Satay is made from typical beef. When you bite this sate, you will experience the delights that this brings a thousand times. A blend of sweet, savory, and spicy. The name of this Rembiga actually comes from the origin of the Satay is a village that is located near the Rembiga Selaparang airport. Indeed the Satay was sold in many places. However, the most famous and you need to come to be in Rembbiga in the street Stall Dakota Rembiga number 2. These stalls have been standing since 25 years ago. So, you can imagine this stall thenar, right?

  • 3. Broil the Cape a thousand delicious

A third of the typical Satay Lombok Island, just the g Satay is not derived from beef, but of the flesh of fish. So for you who else really suited to a diet, eating Satay Cape. The fish used of tuna or fish langoan. Friends of the Cape is the satay rice cake or rice. You certainly won't be able to stop eating the Satay Cape. It feels delicious . Pervasive Bumbunya perfectly. Your tongue will feel the sensation of the blend of savory flavors from the meat and coconut milk and spicy flavors of spice as. To find Cape Satay you can look it up in the market the Cape or Headland Terminal.

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