5 Culinary Must Try While Visiting Lombok

5 Culinary Must Try While Visiting Lombok.The streets without a bite to eat like seasoning without salt. The roads to Lombok, incomplete if it does not sample the wide variety of Culinary Lombok who is ready to pamper your taste buds. Lombok island has a wide range of cuisine which must be tasted by the traveler who visited it. Lombok island famous specialties with typical spicy flavors, because most people in Lombok make Cayenne as the basic ingredients of each dish their cuisine.
5 Culinary Must Try While Visiting Lombok

  • 1. Plecing kangkung Typical Lombok

Kangkung was already very familiar with the tongue Indonesia society. But there are different at plecing Kale typical Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Sprouts are used to cook Plecing is also very distinctive. Unlike the usual water spinach plants are grown on the island of Java, Lombok is a typical water spinach Ipomoea Aquatica water which is usually grown in the river that flows with specific methods to produce a large stem with sprouts and crunchy. Kale in this area is very well known, often gently so that it does not feel a lot even though we packed into the stem.

Crispy Kale Plecing combined with chili sauce made from tomatoes processed and at the savory of cayenne pepper and shrimp paste Lengkare the savory and sweet. Shrimp paste is what the more enriching flavor plecing sprouts and herbs urap. You can try plecing water convolvulus in every Restaurant, but the restaurant is famous for its Plecingnya are home eating two-EM brothers located at JL. Transmigration 99 Mataram. Stop in for a taste sensation of the deliciousness of typical water convolvulus plecing Lombok and Lombok's cuisine also other types.

  • 2. Chicken Taliwang

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The taste is not complete if it comes to Lombok but not tasting Chicken Taliwang typical Lombok. Chicken dishes Taliwang can we meet at home Eating, loss when you don't taste the Typical Lombok Taliwang Chicken in place of the original. Taliwang chicken menu using free-range chicken which was not too old about three to four months, because the chicken will taste sweeter without additional sweeteners and will be more tender.

The chicken can be served by means of Taliwang fried or grilled with wood or jackfruit wood coffee. This wood gives the scent tastier and the flame is longer. If using a gas stove or charcoal, the aroma that is produced will be different. Feel the pleasure of Taliwang Chicken in between your holiday in Lombok, come home to eat grilled chicken Taliwang Rhythm which is in the Cakranegara, and could also stall Bang Udin who never deserted visitors.

  • 3. Narmada Bulayak Satay

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Delicious! That's the right word to describe the deliciousness of the food Bulayak. Bulayak is a kind of rice cake wrapped in palm leaves or leaf-like shape with elongated tasty spiral, so to open it must be with a circular motion. Similar to the rice cake, the difference is that Javanese cuisine wrapped with banana leaves. Similar also with ketupat, but Bulayak more soft and savory than ketupat or rice cake.

Bulayak served with Satay or offal which are kneaded with typical seasonings Sasak plus kucuran lime juice and chili sauce. Bumbunya made from beans roasted peanuts and pounded, then boiled with coconut milk in the number of dominant. How to make Satay Bulayak is also unique. The seller usually doesn't provide a fork or a spoon so you should enjoy this way sate on skewers marinade that you have prepared. You can visit many attractions such as page Lingsar, Taman Narmada, Suranadi Temple, Tomb Park Loang Baloq until at some corner of Senggigi beach as well as in the way of Udayana.

  • 4. Satay Rembiga

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Lombok still has the Satay is also just as tasty and typical Satay Rembiga. Named "Rembiga" because it comes from the name of a village near the Rembiga former Selaparang airport. The main beef Satay made this taste is very delicious, a mix of savory, sweet and spicy. Indeed it would be more and if you enjoy the Satay stall at the rembiga where sate was first introduced. Warung on Jalan Rembiga Dakota Rembiga Mataram number 2 is already established 25 years ago.

The location is not exactly on the edge of a highway but enough strategies to make this into a main selection of stalls to fill the stomach of hunger at once for who want to enjoy the typical cuisine of Lombok. Be prepared for crowding with other buyers let alone at lunch hours and tombs of the night. Materials needed to make Satay Rembiga is simple and easy to look for, namely cayenne pepper, shrimp paste, garlic, salt, sugar and of course beef.

The typical Satay meat Rembiga is cut small. Before it is cooked, the meat was marinated with herbs to 3 hours so pervasive. The composition of the past and the combination of flavors were balanced, will produce delicious Satay flavor although the savory seasoning is very simple.

  • 5. Rice Racing Puyung

The island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara turns out to be not only a beach paradise and their beauty only underwater but also good food. You have to feel for the Puyung Racing Rice spiciness make people addicted. Food that has already penetrated foreign market to this you should enter into the list of culinary dishes that must be sampled.

In the display, menu Rice Puyung Race is not very special. Contains only the shredded chicken meat that is processed along with chilli, soy beans, sprinkling dried shrimps, shredded and fried eel. The strength of this food is located from spicy bumbunya that simple. While the herbs health consists of chilli, garlic and shrimp paste. For comparison, if we cook chicken 10 kg, the composition of the cabainya about 1 kg and a bit of garlic and shrimp paste.

Well-known racing puyungnya rice in Lombok are in the rice puyung Inaq Esun cap racing in the village of Puyung, central Lombok. If the night was getting late at this place to eat, the more crowded the buyer. The specialty rice owned Inaq Esun is because not using preservatives aka natural ingredients and processed with traditional Sasak. This rice is indeed very spicy taste also. The buyers who come always bother wiping sweat gushed out due to hold spicy. Good luck!

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