Beach Mullet Selong, Lombok Island his Hawaii

Beach Mullet Selong, Lombok Island his Hawaii.The natural beauty of Lombok Island virginity much saves places that worth for us to visit with family, friends, and relatives free. One of them is the beauty of the pristine white beaches are in central Lombok Regency named Selong Beach Mullet.

Beach Mullet Selong, Lombok Island his Hawaii

The journey to the beach mullet selong we can be reached in less than 2 hours by road conditions already in the hot mix. To this place, when departing from Mataram city you just drove into the path of Lombok international airport.

At the crossroad of Batujai then turn right follow the bends up in front of the mosque Nurul Huda Batujai. The kemudai mosque at the t-junction turn left heading to line up at the corner market Penujak, about 30 meters from the market then turn right past the village of Mungkur. Straight from the village of Mungkur south again until the t-junction of the existing Gate of iron bearing Selong Mullet. From the gate and then straight again until heading to the beach Selong Mullet.

  • Or if I describe briefly the path become like this:

Mataram – Line the international airport – Penujak Crossroad to right – Nurul Huda Mosque Batujai T-junction – turn left into Path Penujak – Penujak a market turn right – Entrance Gate Selong Mullet

The entrance fee to the beach Mullet Selong everyone Rp. 2000,-(excluding parking fees). If the parking fee in the form of motor vehicle amounting to Rp. 2000 and cars amounting to Rp. 5000.

So get in on the location of the beach Mullet Selong, visitors will be greeted by a stretch of white be large shadowy trees that add adem atmosphere of the beach. The cleanliness of the beaches guarded by the seller and the surrounding people be able to hypnotize the visitors not to leave the location.

Berugak strung alongside the beach plus the inaq-inaq cheap grilled fish seller smile makes the atmosphere of the Beach the more fun to be enjoyed with the family. Let alone a row surrounding the Selong Beach Mullet will add exotic impression for the coast of Selong Mullet.

If you want to down the coast by boat, fishing communities around would be ready take Charge by paying Rp. 5000,-per person. If you want to walk the way down the coast will taste better and more challenging especially if done en masse. There is one more place no less great which is on the edge of the beach that is a pile of large rocks and if heading to the stone shop pants. (Alfuad Gapuki)


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