Honeymoon in Lombok Gili Kedis

Honeymoon in Lombok Gili Kedis.Gili Kedis, a popular little last about one year. In the past not many who know of its existence because it was never promoted. The rise of social media usage is the main factor booming Gili Kedis beauty with tourists both local and foreign tourists.
 Honeymoon in Lombok Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis was known as the island of love because sometimes the shape is the epitome of love if photographed with a drone. This small Gili form varies depending on tidal waters changed the shape of the white sand around the Gili Kedis.

Some people call it a honeymoon island because a lot of couples that honeymooners visit there.
There is a sort of an unwritten rule that prevails among the boatman, if there is a pair of honeymooners on Gili Kedis then another boat will not be stopped. Seems to make room for the couple who were first in Gili Kedis to enjoy the island both of course. The other boat can stop at Gili Gili-another who was in the area such as Gili, Gili Tangkong Sudak, Gili Nanggu. There are ten Gili which is in waters West of Sekotong Lombok.

  • How Towards Gili Kedis?

To reach Gili Kedis you could use a boat from the port or port Tawun Kijuk Stone in Sekotong Lombok Barat. Mileage from Mataram city to the port of about 1.5 hours drive. You can use your car or motorcycle with an access road that is already good. After reaching the Harbor you can rent boats belonging to fishermen because there has been no public boat. From the port of Tawun or stone Kijuk you it only takes about 15 minutes to get to the Gilis Kedis.

You can route Mataram city – Gerung – Sheet-Rock ports Sekotong Kijuk Tawun or port – Gili Kedis.
Activities that can be done on Gili Kedis?

The beauty of Gili Kedis fits perfectly into the foreground of the photo. The atmosphere is hushed Gili is apt to enjoy a honeymoon period. Swim while viewing the natural beauty under the Sea become the right choice.

  • Tips on traveling to Gili Kedis

1. Get in the dry season or season pancaroba to be able to enjoy the beach with fine weather.
2. When the water receded Gili Kedis will look more beautiful because the sand will be more spacious and a great photo backdrop.

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