The Exoticism Of The Rocks In The Waterfall Mangku Codeq

The Exoticism Of The Rocks In The Waterfall Mangku Codeq. "This unfolds amid the rocks. This is a relic from the eruption of Mount Samalas in the year 1257. " The sentence of Mr. Spark as the guide who accompanied us made me interested. For a moment I stood glued on top of the black rocks while gazing at the trees which grow stunted.
I noticed rocks I departure and return given the story of the eruption of Mount Samalas told the Chronicle in Lombok.

The Exoticism Of The Rocks In The Waterfall Mangku Codeq

About the eruption so violent that later proved not just mere folklore. The eruption of Mount Samalas which led to the formation of Lake Segara Anak.

From Lake Segara Anak resulting in the streams erode the rocks forming some beautiful waterfalls. Lately the popular Waterfalls on Lombok Mangku Sakti, Mangku Codec, horses, Umar Sembrani Maya. On the writings of the previous team.

"Kodeq" in Lombok Sasak language means little. Waterfall Mangku Kodeq indeed is not a waterfall with a large water debit should the waterfalls on Lombok in General.

Do not imagine the flow of the waterfall of Tiu Kelep or as high as Sekeper Tiu. High waterfalls Mangku Codec not more than three meters. However, the beauty of which you can enjoy very different and very unique.
Mangku Kodeq waterfalls are located between the cliff rocks very exotic. The location of this waterfall is hidden so you must enter into a river to be able to enjoy its beauty. Walk about 100 meters down the River in squeeze rocks make you as being in the land of fairy tales. Amazing!

Mangku Kodeq Waterfall colors depending on the activity of Mount Rinjani. Sometimes colored Tosca, meaning the water contains sulfur, sometimes the water is crystal clear with the colors a bit greenish. However, if the rainy season the water is chocolate because of mixed mud due to erosion. Lucky when we visited, the waterfalls are clear.
Keep in mind that the flow of a waterfall whirlpool formed Mangku Codec which is very strong. If you swim against the current and try to spin the water, then you will drown. However, if you follow current then you will go to the flow of the river.

So do not underestimate the seriousness of the waterfall debit because of the strength of the Vortex water never swallowed the loss of life in the year 2016. Remember, safety first!

  • How to get the waterfall Mangku Codec?

From Mataram city, you have to travel around 106 kilometers to arrive at the entrance to the waterfall that is located in the village of Sajang, Sembalun regions, East Lombok. Purchase tickets from the post, you have to pass through a dirt road about four kilometers.
This dirt road so bad that only passable by motorbike. You don't need to worry because the surrounding communities provide services for visitors. From the parking lot, you must follow the trail passes around 20 minutes to reach the Waterfall Mangku Kodeq.

  • Holiday tips to the waterfall Mangku Codec

1. do not visit the rainy season because the road will tarnish and could not be bypassed. When it rains you also won't get past the River because it would be very dangerous if the landslide occurred suddenly.
2. prepare drinking water and snacks if a visit outside of high season vacation because no one is selling.
3. use a local guide in order to make travel safer.
4. do not carelessly put clothes if bathing in the waterfall because there are trees "bebie" that her clinging to the rocks that could cause itching.
5. do not enforce wearing the motor itself if not meant through the bad, better ojek because many visitors striking motor incident.

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