The Romantic Tradition of Marrying Kidnappers Lombok Sasak Ala

The Romantic Tradition of Marrying Kidnappers Lombok Sasak Ala.Indeed her kidnappers that marries tradition can make laughing or even ogle. This is the tradition of marrying kidnapping tradition ala Sasak Lombok. Not only fun and full of philosophy but also romantic.

The Romantic Tradition of Marrying Kidnappers Lombok Sasak Ala

Culik has already started mating tradition since the time of King King of Lombok. It is said that starting from a beautiful Princess to many men who want to the proposal. However, the Princess married to the Prince or boy that must run challenge i.e. kidnap the Princess in a guarded room. Up until now the mating kidnapping tradition still surviving on Lombok's Sasak marriage especially in the area of Sasak occupied residence.

This tradition is a hereditary is not carried out arbitrarily. Usually, the women and men who want to marry will make an appointment when a procession of kidnapping mating occurs. Look all romance here, isn't it?

Evenings there is a time to be set to perform this tradition in order to avoid the ruckus. It was said also to avoid abduction perpetrated the rival males. This kidnapping is the secret. Only men, women, and a few relatives who know the process kidnapping occurred.

Usually, the women are taken to the home of relatives the men, after the kidnapping. not taken directly to the House of the man. It is believed can secure the possibility occurs clamor at the residence of one of the families of the men.

Then how the feeling of the woman's mother found the father of her child is missing? Their feelings, they're already on the marriage customary traditions pamah Sasak Lombok. After learning the child brides family is missing, then the women will report to the local customs regarding her son was missing.
 they're already on the marriage customary traditions pamah Sasak Lombok

The woman hid in the home of relatives the men for several days. After that, the family guy will come to the woman's residence to tell you that his daughter has been doing the procession of elopement. However, there are also doing this process through the head of customary suk respectively.

The success of the tradition of elopement views if the woman agrees and the procession of the fabric of this run was done without fuss. Selanjutkan there will be a meeting between the family the family ladies and gentlemen. Negotiations on both sides of the family are called Masejatik or Nyelabar. They will talk about the details of the wedding. From the day, place, ritual ceremonies, and became the second event of this family know each other. If it has been agreed that the procession will pass through stages of next marriage endorsement in religious beliefs and customs.

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