Tips on Traveling to Lombok

Tips on Traveling to Lombok.Lombok is indeed wonderful and can be an alternative choice for vacation if you do not want a too crowded. These natural Lombok and calmer.

Tips on Traveling to Lombok

Though only a few hours to cross from Bali, Lombok has a character of a different nature and culture of Bali. For you who are planning a vacation to Lombok, following tips travel to Lombok you can note:

Tips on Traveling to Lombok

  • 1. The DEPARTURE

Set a departure time you with an effective flight on Friday. For ye are from Bandung, could take a direct flight to Lombok, Bandung-while there are several options from Jakarta flight transit in Surabaya.
If you depart from Bali, the easiest way to Lombok, get through a public crossing from the port of Padang Bai. The cost to ship (Ferry) around Rp 49,000 while speedboats (Fastboat) ranged from Rp 250,000 to Rp 300,000 with mileage an hour only.

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  • 2. PLAN a TRIP

Travel spontaneity is indeed exciting, but for a place to live, we recommend you to reserve the first two days of accommodations since much of the day. Because the first time we land surely will feel tired and need time to rest immediately.

After the break, the next day we get the streets while trying to find a fun lodging may be cheaper. That's a Tip If you want a vacation that's more spontaneous. If there is not a long time to do the things above, let the order of lodging, transportation, and location who wish to visit.

  • 3. LODGING

Some places on Lombok could be a recommendation to stay but the favorite place still in the tourist area of Senggigi. In addition to physical access will be closer to crossing to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno, Senggigi offers the crowded dining and lively enough area to the atmosphere of.
During peak seasons like June, July, December, and January could be a consideration for you to book accommodation at the beginning of the departure.

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Lombok is indeed different from Bali, it would be more convenient if you can rent a car to get to circumnavigate of Lombok. Rent a car in Lombok is indeed a bit more expensive than in Bali, but you will get so many tourist location information from the driver or you can use some of the services of a Local Tour Guide.

During his time in Lombok, you could try some cheap transport provider services such as Lombok Click Holiday.

  • 5. SUNSCREEN, hats, and SUNGLASSES

The tourist island of Lombok is a mainstay of its beaches are very beautiful and exotic. Starting from Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan Mawun Beach, Pink Beach, Tanjung Ringgit, and much more. The heat effect of the coast will make you not comfortable thereafter. After the sunscreen, bring a hat for men or women, scarves and deposits of mineral water.

If you want comfort, you can buy "after sun" or moisturizing cream after exposed to sun exposure. The Aloe Vera plant is also efficacious for "soaking" our skin after a day of being stung. These tips can be to all including young children with notes didn't have allergic to Aloe Vera.

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  • 6. CASH

If you arrive in Lombok, you prepare yourself save some cash in the wallet more ATM, not too much at some tourist spots. Estimate some expenses like lease/rent speed boat Publ-Gilio at to Gili to play, buy snacks and mineral water, pay tike entered sights, lunch and so on.


The majority of the population of Lombok Sasak tribe is a Muslim and still maintain social norms in society. Although Lombok became one of the tourist destinations still we can not just in a dress.


For it is this we suggest you choose accommodation around Senggigi. The town center of Lombok, Mataram was not too crowded towards the 8 p.m. While if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night, there are several cafes in Senggigi as Alberto, Banana Tree Cafe, Paradiso Restaurant or in the garden.

Gili Trawangan is also the place to experience the night life. Of course, you have to cross since the day or evening and stay overnight on the island. Usually the middle of the night, a small island that travelers solid rolling out some parties and musical entertainment to morning.

Because of his favorite location, Senggigi is the right place to visit when you're in Lombok. With a number of attractions to be enjoyed, Senggigi will not cease to amaze you. The hidden beauty of Lombok is waiting to be explored, for booking tickets and hotels can below.For the continuity of this website in the future, please support us with how to visit our sponsors on this website thank you very much.