Ndayung Rafting, Rafting Trip In Malang That Test The Adrenaline

Ndayung Rafting, Rafting Trip In Malang That Test The Adrenaline. Many ways that can be done for fun. Not a few people who enjoy going to the beach, but it turns out that many who prefer to try a rafting trip. Moreover, the young boy who has the spirit of passion and want to try everything that smells of new challenges.

Do you like that too? A vacation is an activity that is fun, even been planned from far-away days earlier. But it sure gets boring when you don't do things differently than before.

Malang Stone is not only famous for its touristic Jatim Park 2, Selecta, flower garden tour of Mt. Bromo or his only Transport Museum. This will not be enough tourism city explored only in a matter of weeks. The wretched Stone's sights are endless indeed to visit, a tour of waterfalls of charming tourist beaches to enchanting. One of the tours that are worth Your try is a rafting trip in Ndayung Rafting.

Well, the choice of rafting vacations in this poor solution can be a fun book to put in your plan. Ndayung rafting has a characteristic landscape that is unique and interesting because it is set on a path headed to mount semeru. Along the River, filled with orchards, panoramic view of the cliffs, pristine forest and kebuh vegetables belonging to the local people.

  • Ndayung Rafting: A Fun Recreational Sport 

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Now, this, rafting is not an activity carried out by certain groups only, but it can be enjoyed by many quarters. Activities that require physical and mental ability proved to be able to become a recreational tourism and sports a suspenseful. In addition to practicing the courage, you can also enjoy the views around the site during the rafting. Yes, because the activities of the rafting trip in this poor area which is still beautiful with beautiful panorama which is soothing.

Ndayung Rafting Tour layout is on the river Amprong, which is the natural tourism area waterfall Rainbow Coban, exist in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. At the village of Huts Klakah, district Poncokusumo, Malang. The climate in Ndayung Rafting fair is pretty cool because it is at an altitude of 2,200 m above sea level.

  • Travel Route Towards Ndayung Rafting

If the Poor of the city center, you need to go to Sub An, aftermarket there is An intersection, then turn towards the left, after it met with a somewhat crooked crossroad, please follow the path straight on. The journey will be filled with climbs and if it has been up to in the village Huts Klakah, that sign is already close to the location of Ndayung Rafting kirang, about 3 km further.

To get there, it doesn't take a long time, because it's only about 45 minutes from Abdulrachman Saleh Airport or 90 minutes from the city of Malang with a drive.

The condition of the streets that will pass is indeed up and down, however, the of course the  is already smooth and paved. On the way, you can look at the atmosphere of the hills there is a right and left the side of the road. Cool air and cool is, of course, different from the conditions in urban areas. In the hills, there is a lot of organic horticulture crops planted. No need to worry about stray, due to possible directions that really help to get to the Ndayung River.

  • Ndayung Rafting Suitable For Beginner And Professional

Now many officials who provide tours rafting. But, in Ndayung Rafting you can gain experience and a different sensation when compared to other places. Yes, because the river is a river of used Amprong and river course which is used up to 7 km away, and is approximately 3 hours. The river Amprong has clean water, water, a little shallow and a lot of rock. The characteristics of that, of course, make your rafting tour increasingly stressful and very adrenaline. The flow of the river of the Amprong had 20 and 2 Rapids Rapids mainstay is Double Loading and Rafting Rapids Welcome.

The height of the rapids reaches 4 to 5 meters. For those of you who are beginners, do not be afraid to try, because the levels of difficulty are offered have a range of 3 to 3.5 and it makes Ndayung Rafting is suitable for novice rafters or have been professional.

One spot is always eagerly awaited by the can is when passing the Jumping Point, jumped as high as 3-4 meters go into the river. Surely this will test your courage and adrenaline increase tourists.

  • A Selection Of Tour Packages In Ndayung Rafting

Actually in Ndayung Rafting not only provides package tours rafting alone, there are also available camping ground, homestay, tours pick apples and outbound. Here are a few choice tour packages in Ndayung Rafting:

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  1. Loading Trip, a rafting trip with a distance of 5 km and is within 2 hours. This package is for minimum participants 4 people. Facilities: Welcome Drink, Guide The Rescue Team &, Local Transport, Snacks, Meals, Insurance.
  2. Watu Broke Trip, rafting package with a distance of 7 km and reached within 3 hours. Participants at least 4 people. Facilities: Welcome Drink, Guide The Rescue Team &, Local Transport, Snacks, Meals, Insurance.
  3. Rafting and Bromo 2 day 1 Night tours, white water rafting and amenities, sunrise uphill, Bromo crater, sand Prairies, savannas, whispers, transport, lodging, entrance fees, insurance, and guide. Participants minimum 5 people.
  4. Outbound, participants at least 20 people. Outbound facilities: 3 fun games, 2 high rope, food, mineral water and a snack, instructor.
  5. Camping Ground, participants at least 10 people. Facilities: tent, sleeping bag, snacks, coffee twice & packed. If need a campfire, please request directly to the Ndayung River.
  6. Tours Pick apples, namely tourism picking your own apples in the orchard, the participants a minimum of 10 people. Facilities: agrotourism (pick apples), eating, Garden, cafe break tracking and insurance.
  7. Paintball, outbound war or war game participants, at least 20 people. Facilities: semi-automatic weapons, special clothing, mask, BP 40, meal, snack, mineral water, duration 3 hours.
  8. Tubing, that roams the River using tires buoy. Minimum participants 4 people. Facilities: welcome drink, ban, vest, helmet, guide, meals, mineral water, a snack and insurance.
  9. Customize a Program, that programming package Ndayung Rafting on request of the customer and at least 20 participants.
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