Top Surf Destinations In The World

Top Surf Destinations In The World. Surfing is a water sport where the surfer rides on the waves. It has also given birth to the extreme sport of skateboarding. Surfing must be always practiced where there is access to ocean or sea. There are many theme parks that offer artificial surfing, but they fail to provide the same amount of thrill and excitement to the sport. 

Top Surf Destinations In The World

The surfer must be very cautious as this sport involves a lot of risks like drowning, animal attacks and other injuries/bruises, which could be fatal. This sport needs guidance and it is certainly not safe to venture into it without prior experience. Surfing is the most popular sport in the coastline areas and finding a trainer is very easy. Let's take a look at the world's most popular surf spots: 

Gold Coast, Australia:
Australia undoubtedly has the best beaches and the Gold Coast has the most consistent waves. The Gold Coast is located in the southeast corner of Queensland. With 70km of beaches and four classic points - The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, Palm Beach and Mermaid beach, it is certainly the surfer's paradise. 

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia:
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Mentawai Islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world. This island comprises of about seventy islands. The Mentawai Islands have great waves all around the year but the best time to surf is from June to September when the waves are high. However, March to October is also the ideal time to visit. 

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa:
Jeffreys Bay is located in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa and about an hour's drive from Port Elizabeth. Jeffreys Bay is one of the top 5 surfing destinations in the world and it also hosts the annual Billabong Pro surfing event at Supertubes during the month of July. Jeffreys Bay has been luring the surf enthusiast for over 4 decades. Jeffreys Bay has one of the best waves and it has not changed ever since it was discovered. The best time to visit Jeffreys Bay is from June to August. 

Fuerteventura, Spain:
Fuerteventura is located 90km from the African Coast and it is the second largest of the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura which is also known as the Mecca of surfers has the best surf in the island. This island has a warm climate which is cooled by the Atlantic Ocean breeze and the surfers often express their joy of the wonderful weather. The best season to surf at the Fuerteventura is from October to March. The beginners must be very careful as the waves show no mercy as they are rough. Then most popular waves are the Hierro, Rocky Point, The Bubble and El Muelle, Harbour Wall, the quieter, Shooting Gallery, Generosa, Suicides, Mejillonas, Majanicho, German Rights, Cotillo, and Esquinzo. 

El Salvador:
El Salvador is located in the Central America bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and Honduras is the new surf destination. El Salvador has a tropical climate that is distinguished by warm temperatures during the day and chilly nights, except for the coastal plain. El Salvador has consistent waves throughout the year and all the swells are generated from the southern hemisphere. The surf season at El Salvador is almost year round, from March to October is the most favorable time. 

Apart from the above-mentioned surf destinations, Uluwatu, Indonesia, Sunset Beach, USA, Costa Rica, Bali, Indonesia, California, North America, Samoa and Santa Catarina, Brazil are also the most popular and favored surf destinations.