Visiting For The First Time Indonesia Travel Advice

Visiting For The First Time Indonesia Travel Advice.Discover a land filled with diversity, beauty and wonder. Indonesia is a country encompassing over 13,000 islands bursting with wild life, warm clear water and lush tropical gardens. Exploring its grandeur could take a travels life time so where would one start? When trying to enjoy all the places to visit in Indonesia your best option is to break up your trip into smaller bites. A few of the islands you must see are Sulawesi, Lombok, Bali, and Banda Islands. This little bit of Indonesia travel advice will aid in your discovering the most of this unique land. 
Visiting For The First Time Indonesia Travel Advice

Sulawesis most visited areas are the more populated North and South regions. For those who prefer the aquatic side of life you will not be disappointed here. Diving in this area gives you a window into an awe-inspiring world of underwater grandeur. Unique coral gardens, varied fish and underwater volcanoes are only a few of the exciting things to see. 

Land lovers can hike through rain forests, bask in the sun, or stroll down the endless white sand beaches. More adventurous types can climb volcanoes, white water raft down a river or climb to the top of a majestic waterfall. 

Lombok is a less developed island where no motorized vehicles are allowed. The quite scene takes you back to a simpler time and allows your body to fully relax in this low key environment. The backpackers paradise known as the Gili islands is a must see for anyone who enjoys a hushed trek through dense tropical forests. Beaches here are lined with sleepy little cafes and surf that draw those looking for the perfect wave. 
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Looking for an island that offers it all? Come to Bali. This traveler friendly paradise boasts both intense natural landscapes and the most luxurious of modern comforts. 

Five star restaurants with exquisite fresh sea food, shopping that will make you wish you brought that extra bag and spas with the ultimate in luxury are all at your finger tips. When you feel you need to step out into nature sprawling beaches and crashing surf abound. With so many options here you are guaranteed to never experience a dull moment. 

Banda Island is a swimmers and a divers dream. Scuba diving is new to this area but divers from all over the world are becoming aware of its allure. Calm, crystal waters surround intense gardens of fragrant nutmeg trees above the water while below multi colored reefs host fascinating marine life. 

All divers from the novice to the expert will find their comfort level here. You can snorkel in shallow warm lagoons or venture out to the sea where waters reach a depth of over 6,500 meters. Swimming around this island filled with fragrant nutmeg tress give you the sense you are the only person in the world basking in its sun soaked grandeur. 

This enchanting land has something to offer everyone. Discover everything its has to offer. From its giant garden covered volcanic peaks to its clear boundless sea it is easy to see why this place is truly a travelers paradise.